Dimensions & Weight:
Operating dimensions are:  (with cab) 60'L x 12'W x 11' H,  (minus cab) 46'L x 12'W x 11'H.  2.5 ton central AC.  Combined vehicle weight:  approx 40,000 lbs.
-Flight Pack:    
Varies widely per application.  A spreadsheet of case weights, dimensions and values can be submitted for shipping and carnet purposes.

Power requirements:
60 amp 208-240VAC single phase service (2 hots and ground, no neutral).  The Artisan truck uses standard Camlok tails.  All technical power is transformer isolated and on UPS.
-Flight Pack:     
Single 20A outlet.  All mission critical devices on UPS.

Mic Splitter:    (2 identical systems as described below)
Artisan’s advanced proprietary mic preamp-splitter systems each have 50 preamps plus 6 utility lines.  Each preamp channel has a pin 1 lift switch at the input connector, an ultra high quality Jensen input transformer, and switchable phantom power and gain.  Each multi-channel output has a global shield lift/tie switch.
Four outputs are available at Whirlwind-standard W4 multi-pins:  
•Direct pass-thru with shields isolatable from splitter ground (permits phantom power from house system console independent of recording truck ground) 
•Jensen nickel core transformer isolated line-level, +28dBu max output
•Two individually buffered transformerless balanced line-level, +28dBu max output
Line-level outputs are capable of 2000’ cable runs with no signal degradation.  56 pair fan-outs are provided.

56 pair Whirlwind-standard W4 Mass, 400’ each.  Two available as standard stock.  (112 pairs-400’ or 56 pairs-800’).  Additional compatible mult is readily available from rental houses all over the world. 

ProTools Control24 mix controller with plug-ins from Waves, Avid, Sony, McDSP, iZotope, Soundtoys, and more.     (see Plug-ins & Software)
32x32 automated digitally-controlled-gain, analog router.  Yamaha 02rV2 permanently installed as sidecar.  Additional Yamaha 02rV2 and 01v mixers.  Routers and digital consoles are 100% reset capable.  

ProTools HD6 Accel system, version 10.3.10, with 48 analog, 48 digital multi format, and 64 MADI IO; on a Mac Pro Nehalem 3.46GHz hex core computer, using OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.5 on SSD.  Six eSATA-attached 1 Terabyte record drives.  Avid Sync I/O.  Apogee Big Ben master clock.  Time code and video sync DAs and patchbays.  All audio - routers, mixers and recorders - sync, and displays are on UPS power.  Please specify your choice of hard-disk based recorders if desired for back-up use.

Hafler TRM8 active main monitors (L, C, and R), TRM6a surrounds, and TRM12a subwoofer.  Blue Sky bass management and loudspeaker controller.  47" Sony HD display for multi-use video and ProTools.  27" dedicated ProTools display.  Dorrough hi-resolution stereo program meter.

RTS dual channel user stations at mixer, producer and technical positions.  Four Wohler monitor speakers in truck.  Four channels of 4-wire interface in truck.  Three Telex UHF intercom systems for stage operators.  Anchor SA/talkback speaker.