Artisan Mobile has grown with a changing business, but our mission has stayed the same: to bring to your location the experience and reputation your music deserves. 

A stellar crew and beautifully designed facility allow the “Mobile Red” studio to offer the very best in remote recording, broadcast, and audio post.  Our return clients include ABC, BMG, Disney, MTV, NBC, Sony, Telemundo, Universal, Univision, and Warner Brothers and have brought us dozens of gold and platinum recordings and a Record Of The Year Grammy.  We can hardly express our gratitude to the people who have enabled this success.

Artisan Mobile uses a state-of-the-art approach to capturing and broadcasting live music.  Our proprietary microphone preamplifier and splitter system has received universal praise from those who have heard it at work.  The preamp design is optimized for the rigors of the performance stage, engineered specifically for painless interference-free connections and to provide the most accurate reproduction of the microphone signal possible.  The two 50-channel integrated systems use industry-standard connectors and line-level outputs can drive 1000’ cable lengths without degradation or interference, all in the analog domain.  A fiber optic MADI interface provides an additional 64 channels of IO at virtually any distance from the remote control room.

The stage signals received by the truck directly feed Pro Tools HD converters, and are routable in both analog and digital domains.  This simple, hands-off approach results in a recording which is a channel by channel representation of the raw microphone pickups from the live stage, the ideal scenario for the post-production engineer and producer.

Live mixes are created in the ProTools HD10 session format and mixed on our Focusrite/Avid Control|24 mixing surface.  The benefits to this approach: 

•   The combination of the ProTools software and controller allows for the setup and control of infinitely complex routings for television broadcast feeds with simultaneous multitrack recording.  Offline setup saves precious hours at the job site.

•   Use of virtually unlimited, industry standard, award-winning plug-ins for the ultimate in equalization, dynamics and reverb.  We maintain extensive, musically organized libraries.

•   Total, instant recall of soundcheck and rehearsals for multiple-act shows, and fine-tuned live mixes.  

Identical systems are available either in-truck or as a flight pack system.